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Read about this case in -'Photographing the Fire Scene'

   Finding the answer could be a relatively simple task or a complex, scientifically involved procedure. This photograph was used in court to identify a second origin of fire, thereby proving a deliberate cause.

   Welcome to T.C. Forensic online.   For over 20 years, Tony Cafe (B.Appl.Sc., M.Appl.Sc.) has provided expertise in the determination of fire causes and the analysis of fire debris for petroleum accelerants.

   This site offers featured articles, information, news and links. Our goal is to create a useful resource, so contributions from all visitors are appreciated. Enjoy your visit!



Basics Of Fire Investigation

TC Masters Thesis:

Analysis Of Accelerants In Fire Debris By Capillary Gas Liquid Chromatography

TC Article:

Physical Constants For Investigators

Kenny Richey
Case Reversed

TC evidence crucial for defence

Canine Accelerant Detector

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