Articles by Tony Cafe (B.Appl.Sc., M.Appl.Sc.)

Basics Of Fire InvestigationNEW!
Analysis Of Accelerants In Fire Debris By Capillary Gas Liquid Chromatography
Masters Thesis reproduced with permission from UTS Sydney
Physical Constants For Investigators
The Science & "Art" of Fire Investigation
Electrical Appliance Fires
Surfing the Internet for Fire Investigators
Sampling Debris at the Fire Scene
Photographing the Fire Scene
Aids Used to Detect Accelerants at Fire Scenes
Is it an Accidental Fire or Arson? (with Wal Stern)

Articles by other contributors.

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Modern Methods of Accelerant Analysis - by Wal Stern
Fire Hazards of Aerosol Propellants - by Wal Stern
Japanese Reports on Electrical Fire Causes
Student Essays from UTS Forensic Science Degree