Ideas Fire Investigators Would Like To See

   Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a useful gadget, then wondered if someone else had already thought of it? Or perhaps you possess a bit of good, old-fashioned common sense you wish more people shared...

    This page is a collection of ideas and inventions that would make life easier for the fire investigator and safer for the public. It will be interesting to see what other ideas are out there. Here are a few to get the ball rolling:

A Smoke Detector Incorporated Into A Travelling Clock

A must for all travellers who back-pack and young people leaving home for the first time who have a fascination for candles, incense, aromatherapy, smoking and alcohol.

There have been several recent tragedies in Australia involving fires in youth hostels. Many lives could be saved if more people carried portable smoke detectors.

Smoke Detector Clock

Use Of Portable Smoke Detectors By Plumbers And Demolishers

I often see fires caused by plumbers welding inside wall cavities and demolishers using oxy on building sites. After using hot tools, the area should be cooled by water and checked for smoke, 40 minutes or so afterwards. A portable smoke detector could also be placed inside the roof cavity or any other concealed area to warn of smouldering fires prior to leaving the site.

Read more about fires caused by welding in this student essay (1.5M pdf)

A Better Designed Kitchen Fume System

Fires in charcoal cooking shops could be prevented if there was a fire extinguishment system inside the duct. These fires are frequently caused by hot ash rising from the charcoal bed (particularly after mixing) and igniting the film of fat on, or behind the mesh filters. Cleaning the fat from the filters and walls on a regular basis cannot guaranty that these fires won't occur. A heat detector inside the duct, attached to a portable CO2 or powder extinguisher could reduce the structural damage caused by these fires.

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